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MeBeSafe News

  • MeBeSafe’s Last Newsletter

    MeBeSafe is coming to an end. Read the Last Newsletter to find out how the MeBeSafe Nudges worked in the real world. And what they can mean for traffic safety.
  • A reward for tired drivers

    Drivers are known to keep on driving when getting tired. But taking a break could mean the difference between safe arrival and an accident. MeBeSafe investigated how to make it appealing to stop.
  • Nudging is all around us

    MeBeSafe is introducing the idea of soft measures (e.g. nudging, coaching) in a traffic safety environment – an area more known for hard measures (e.g. prohibitions, speeding tickets, speed bumps)
  • Nudged by the light

    MeBeSafe have developed a nudge using lights in the roadsides, that leads to 40% fewer speeding drivers. If a nudge is to be implemented, however, it’s desirable if people also understand and accept it. And they do.
  • The impact of MeBeSafe

    The nudging and coaching measures of MeBeSafe are proven to work. But what does this mean in reality? How much does a certain speed decrease mean in terms of saved lives?
  • MeBeSafe held a DIGITAL Final Event

    No pandemic could keep the first European traffic nudging project from spreading its results. MeBeSafe readjusted their final event to the world wide web where the results were presented the public.
  • MeBeSafe Movie is out

    Do you want to see what MeBeSafe has been doing and what nudging really is? Watch the video and learn about our nudges and other soft measures to make traffic safer. Soft measures - for soft traffic.
  • The 4th Newsletter is out

    The fourth MeBeSafe newsletter is now out! What is actually good driving? Can you nudge with privacy , and how do you nudge cyclists en-masse? Learn this - and much more.
  • Nudging with privacy

    The importance of privacy has taken the centre stage. Face-recognition and machine-learning continue to develop, and GDPR made companies feel like they can run, but never hide. How does this affect nudging?
  • Nudging cyclists en-masse

    Traffic is often most dangerous when a lot of people meet. But not when it comes to Dutch biking. Here it is more dangerous to bike when you're seemingly alone.
  • Status Update of MeBeSafe field trials

    MeBeSafe field trials are well under way. The nudges and measures are being tested in real-life situations and a lot of data is being gathered. Are they effective and how many lives can they in-fact save
  • What is good driving – REALLY?

    We all want to be better drivers, but what is actually better? Lots of apps are supposed to measure how you drive and give you a score – but that score might not be the whole truth.
  • May the peers be with you

    Coaching. Normally the subject means that a coaching expert comes to guide you on something they are not really familiar with. Is there another way to do it?
  • Nudging drivers only when necessary

    When you leave a motorway you should keep a low speed – and nudging could help you with this. But such a nudge could slow down slow drivers as well – which could be dangerous...
  • MeBeSafe measures – REVEALED

    MeBeSafe has developed a lot of nudges and other soft measures to change traffic behaviour. See a rundown of the most important measures and learn how they can be used!
  • The 3rd MeBeSafe Newsletter arrives

    The 3d MeBeSafe Newsletter arrives The third MeBeSafe Newsletter has now arrived. Read all about the latest nudging news from MeBeSafe. Can you be nudged to look the other way? Will a good nudge affect workload? The latest MeBeSafe Newsletter has now been launched, answering a lot of interesting questions on nudging. Read it as a pdf here! Sign up for the MeBeSafe Newsletter! Your Name (required) Your Email (required) <br /><br /> By submitting your details...
  • The importance of real-life impact

    The fourth General Assembly meeting was held in Graz in Austria as autumn did its early entrance across Europe. MeBeSafe members began boiling of excitement to finally commence field trials.
  • Cyclists soon to be nudged

    Cyclists soon to be nudged Cyclists will be nudged to adapt speed before dangerous intersections. This decision was reached after the MeBeSafe cyclist team met up in The Hague before the Field Trial began. Bicycle after bicycle passed. A seemingly never-ending stream of bicyclists gushed past outside the window at the SWOV building in The Hague. The MeBeSafe cyclist team had got here to make a decision on which nudges to use on cyclists. And it...
  • Nudging the ITS community in Eindhoven

    Some peculiar white stripes ran across the blue floor in an aisle at the ITS fair. What could this be? They seemed to be heading towards one particular booth. A booth about nudging and coaching..
  • What is nudging?

    You can try to change people’s behaviour in a number of ways. You could outlaw all possibilities but one, inform people about the effect of their choices or give people a small push towards a certain direction...
  • The New MeBeSafe Newsletter is out

    Learn more of the entire project, what is done to nudge bicyclists and if MeBeSafe is on the right track! And get an interesting insight into how simulated people can be nudged!
  • A brief rundown of MeBeSafe

    A General Assembly meeting is a great way to fellow researchers in on the project. And a brief summary of that meeting is an ever greater way for anyone to get an overview of the project.
  • The first MeBeSafe Newsletter is out

    Read about attempts to nudge car drivers to increase attention with an in-vehicle nudge, lights along a road exit to make cars slow down, haptic nudging measures to affect cyclists and much more.
  • Novel ways to coach truck drivers

    A new coaching system based on a mobile app was finally launched in Norway. Several new techniques are being tested, including peer-to-peer coaching and personal data integrity.
  • New flyer describing MeBeSafe

    A new flyer describing the basics about MeBeSafe has now been released! If you would like to get to know MeBeSafe a bit better, take a look or download it here!
  • Driver profiles in coaching

    Risky driving behaviour can lead to crashes but by coaching drivers on their driving behaviour we can reduce risky driving behaviour, therefore reducing crashes and as a result increase traffic safety.
  • Integrated framework

    On the basis of a typification of nudging and coaching respectively, the assumed underlying system of thinking (i.e. System 1 or System 2) and types of intervention strategies, an integrated model has been proposed.
  • Nudging makes decisions easier

    The assumptions behind nudging are that by "knowing how people think, we can use sensible “choice architecture” to nudge people toward the best decisions for ourselves, our families, and our society, without restricting our freedom of choice".