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Articles from MeBeSafe

  • The impact of MeBeSafe

    The nudging and coaching measures of MeBeSafe are proven to work. But what does this mean in reality? How much does a certain speed decrease mean in terms of saved lives?
  • Nudging is all around us

    MeBeSafe is introducing the idea of soft measures (e.g. nudging, coaching) in a traffic safety environment – an area more known for hard measures (e.g. prohibitions, speeding tickets, speed bumps)
  • What is nudging?

    You can try to change people’s behaviour in a number of ways. You could outlaw all possibilities but one, inform people about the effect of their choices or give people a small push towards a certain direction...
  • Nudging with privacy

    The importance of privacy has taken the centre stage. Face-recognition and machine-learning continue to develop, and GDPR made companies feel like they can run, but never hide. How does this affect nudging?
  • A reward for tired drivers

    Drivers are known to keep on driving when getting tired. But taking a break could mean the difference between safe arrival and an accident. MeBeSafe investigated how to make it appealing to stop.
  • Nudged by the light

    MeBeSafe have developed a nudge using lights in the roadsides, that leads to 40% fewer speeding drivers. If a nudge is to be implemented, however, it’s desirable if people also understand and accept it. And they do.
  • Nudging cyclists en-masse

    Traffic is often most dangerous when a lot of people meet. But not when it comes to Dutch biking. Here it is more dangerous to bike when you're seemingly alone.
  • What is good driving – REALLY?

    We all want to be better drivers, but what is actually better? Lots of apps are supposed to measure how you drive and give you a score – but that score might not be the whole truth.
  • May the peers be with you

    Coaching. Normally the subject means that a coaching expert comes to guide you on something they are not really familiar with. Is there another way to do it?
  • Nudging drivers only when necessary

    When you leave a motorway you should keep a low speed – and nudging could help you with this. But such a nudge could slow down slow drivers as well – which could be dangerous...
  • Novel ways to coach truck drivers

    A new coaching system based on a mobile app was finally launched in Norway. Several new techniques are being tested, including peer-to-peer coaching and personal data integrity.