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The consortium

The consortium consists of 16 partners from the sectors business, academic and research/technology and includes automotive OEMs and suppliers, road infrastructure owners, SMEs in traffic data analysis, and leading organizations in traffic safety research and modelling.

The Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University is a leading institute in automotive engineering.. Starting from the idea to innovative concepts for components and systems up to vehicle prototypes we create and design the future vehicle. We work in public-funded as well as bilateral projects for manufacturers and suppliers in automotive context.This wide range of expertise enables analysing and optimising the vehicle as a whole, while paying attention to the complex interactions between the individual subsystems. 

An independent research institution, known and recognized for decades for its achievements in both basic and applied research. Research and development work, planning and consulting services in the areas of road planning, road operation and traffic engineering including video based traffic measurement technologies, earthwork and road construction technology, tunnel equipment and tunnel operation.

A competence centre where about 30 partners from the Swedish automotive industry, academia and authorities cooperate to make a centre of excellence within the field of vehicle and traffic safety. The research is encompassing both safe mobility and vehicle safety in real environments. The results contribute to increasing the competitive advantages of the centre’s partners. Chalmers University of Technology hosts the centre.

A human-centric luxury car brand with around 30 000 employees and retailers in over 100 countries. Volvo has a long tradition of leadership in traffic safety innovation and performance, and has successfully participated in numerous previous EU funded traffic safety research programs.

TNO is an independent applied research institution with a staff of about 4500 people and an annual turnover exceeding 500M. TNO maintains close contacts with universities and basic research institutions in order to translate up-to-date knowledge and insights into practical applications.

Road transport is a key activity of many of Shell’s business activities. Shell’s road safety philosophy focuses on managing risk such as the capability of the driver, condition of the vehicle, road conditions and local environment. Shell shares its road safety knowledge proactively – with other companies, non-governmental organisations and local communities. For example as board member of the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

Heijmans is a listed company that combines activities related to property development, residential building, non-residential building, roads and civil engineering in the areas living, working and connecting. Our constant focus on quality improvements, innovation and integrated solutions enables us to generate added value for our clients. Heijmans realises projects for private consumers, companies and public sector bodies and cooperates and together we are building the spatial contours of tomorrow.

SWOV is a non-profit, interdisciplinary and independent research institute that carries out road safety research. About 50 researchers, plus supporting staff, work on the areas of the road users, vehicles, the road infrastructure, analysis of road safety, and support of decision-making processes in this field.

The Università degli Studi di Firenze, Department of Industrial Engineering, (UFI) has a long lasting research activity in the field of surface transports. The research activities comprise numerical and experimental modelling of vehicles and components (incl. vehicle crashworthiness), behavioural and naturalistic studies, development of safety devices, accident analysis, vehicle and infrastructure electrification, urban mobility.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), one of the world’s largest automakers based on total annual vehicle sales, is an international automotive group. FCA designs, engineers, manufactures and sells vehicles and related parts and services, components and production systems worldwide through 162 manufacturing facilities, 87 R&D centers, and dealers and distributors in more than 140 countries. FCA has successfully participated in numerous EU funded traffic safety research and international working groups, in order to improve the competitiveness of own products.

Cranfield University is one of Britain’s largest centres for postgraduate teaching and applied research, and is the leading British university in terms of its income from industrially and commercially funded research. The academic and research staff work both nationally and internationally on research and development for the benefit of some 1,500 organisations each year, seeking to enhance economic development and to achieve a better global environment.

A start-up company (2013) focusing on the intersection of Smart Mobility and intelligent data analysis, forecasting, and modelling algorithms and software. For its applications and services it uses in particular machine learning expertise and technology, including modern deep learning techniques. Cygnify provides consultancy services as well as customized software solutions.

VUFO has been investigating road traffic accidents resulting in personal injury since July 1999. The collected accident data is directly used for the development of future vehicle safety systems, road infrastructure and rescue chain. As a research unit, VUFO contributes towards the improvement of road safety. Our employees has proven their expertise in analyzing accidents databases in various national and international as well as industry projects.

BMW Group is a global manufacturer of premium class automobiles and motorcycles, covering the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands.

OFFIS is a research institute for Information Technology associated to the University of Oldenburg which is dedicated to fast knowledge transfer from research to economy and is organized in three R&D Divisions (Transportation, Health and Energy). In MeBeSafe, the Transportation Division takes part which focuses on methods, tools, and technologies for the development of safety-critical systems in domains like Automotive, Aeronautics and Maritime.

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Centre is an international platform for research and development in the automotive and rail industry, located in Graz/Austria. The Center addresses “digital mobility” by providing a close linkage of numerical simulation and experimental validation. It offers comprehensive system simulation up to the complete vehicle.