A Quick Guide

By opening this blogpost you can now download a PDF that gives a quick guide on the integrated framework. The guide gives a short introduction to nudging approach to behaviour change, and coaching approach to behaviour change. The quick guide aims to support the process of defining suitable interventions for MeBeSafe work package members by;… Continue reading A Quick Guide

Coaching and methodology

This document describes the research methodologies employed within Work Package 4. WP4 focuses on the development of driver coaching schemes, supporting coaching software/apps, and evaluations of such systems. WP4 consists of various tasks. Some of these are directly related to each other (e.g. concerning coaching of Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers), such that their research methodologies… Continue reading Coaching and methodology

The first driving simulator study has now started

A motorway exit in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, serves as research road section for nudging drivers towards a desired behaviour. The Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University visualized this road section in their driving simulator and now evaluates the impact of different variations of possible infrastructure nudging measures on participants’ driving behaviour. These studies… Continue reading The first driving simulator study has now started