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MeBeSafe at World Usability Day Torino 2019

14th of November 2019

A talk titled Measures for Behaving Safety in Traffic – Nudging HMI was presented on the 14th of November at the annual World Usability Day Torino 2019 (#wudtorino2019) by Antonella Toffetti, Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF). Toffetti presented recent experiments run in collaboration with TNO regarding the In-Vehicle Nudge.

The results, the positive impact of the MeBeSafe nudging HMI on drivers’ visual behavior and subjective evaluation was very well appreciated by the hundred of attendees. The attendees, ranging from both industrial, consumer and academic world, consisted of ergonomists, designers of products and UX/UI, and experts in communication, usability and Human Computer Interaction. Moreover, the idea of MeBeSafe to use nudging were considered innovative and to give an added value to the vehicle interface design.

Interested in knowing more about the In-Vehicle Nudge?

Can you be nudged to look the other way?

The nudging car on the road to completion

• A nudge in the car to increase attention