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Talking apps to coach drivers to start using ACC

Adaptive Cruise Control leads to safe distances between cars, but not all drivers use the feature. MeBeSafe developed a measure to nudge people into using it. But this can only work if the drivers know of ACC. MeBeSafe therefore developed a way to coach drivers into using a new feature, such as ACC.


Make people aware of Adaptive Cruise Control, so they can use it.


Digital coaching app informing the driver about ACC and what it does.




Unknown, due to all test users already using ACC

Today, there are a lot of features in ordinary cars, and people are not aware of all of them. Many cars come without physical instruction manuals, and even if they do; few people will casually search the tome if they are not looking for anything in particular.

The measure is based on an app talking to the driver and informing them of important features within the car. It informs them about the reason for these features and how they should be used. The developed app uses speech interaction to inform the participants.

It was found that the interaction had to be very smooth for this to work, and the provided information must take the local context into account.

The effectiveness of the measure couldn’t be evaluated, given that all three tests; in Sweden, USA and UK with a total of 45 test persons; only found people who were already using ACC.

developed by Volvo Cars, Shell, SWOV, Cranfield, Cygnify, BMW Group and Virtual Vehicle