Press releases

Starting Point for Measurement Activities for Improving Traffic Safety within the EU Project MeBeSafe in Eindhoven – 2 Feb 2018
The measurements at an Eindhoven motorway exit tracks the current driving behaviour of drivers at this location to build the basis for further research for improving traffic safety by the concept of nudging. The measurements at a busy intersection in the city centre are used to study the variation in cyclist flows and directions during a full week 24/7.

MeBeSafe – Making traffic safer through behaviour-changing nudging measures – 17 Aug 2017
The EU-financed Horizon 2020 project MeBeSafe (Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic) has successfully celebrated its kick-off. The project aims at reducing the number and severity of road accidents by directly changing our habitual traffic behaviour. Various “nudging” and coaching measures will be used to get tired drivers to take a break and cyclists to reduce their speed in intersections for example.