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MeBeSafe at the ECC Conference in Naples

MeBeSafe researchers took control over the nudging at the European Control Conference in Naples. A lot of visitors engulfed themselves into the feats of the nudging world.

The MeBeSafe partners FCA/CRF were two of the main guests at this year’s ECC Conference, arranged by the local universities of Federico II and Sannio. The ECC is all about systems and control, ranging from non-linear systems to biological systems and transportations systems. Within these topics, MeBeSafe’s nudging in a transportation system surely managed to fille an important gap.

During four full days, researchers and policy makers were invited to learn more about a diverse lot of projects at the fair. Several of these projects were displayed at the FCA/CRF booth, but MeBeSafe seemed special in catching the eyes of the onlookers. More than 150 visitors got to learn more about the nudging and coaching measures developed within the project. They were all very pleased to get newsletters and information flyers to bring back home.

As MeBeSafe has only been running for one and a half years and the nudges are just about to be brought to the field trials, it is remarkable that so many local visitors already knew about the project. Many of them even sought out the FCA/CRF booth to get the latest updates on MeBeSafe. So when the conference finally sealed its gates and visitors strayed out into the bright summer night, the news of nudging was really floating around in the warm, humid air.