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Engaged Italian citizens get a brief breath of MeBeSafe

The latest news on nudging and coaching measures to increase traffic safety? Now that’s the place to be! More than 50 engaged Italians travelled to Sorrento for a MeBeSafe Dissemination Event.

Fresh MeBeSafe newsletters were lying all over the tables, getting drenched in the red evening sun peering in from the windows. They sold like hot cakes, except the fact that they were not actually sold. They were given out as an introduction to MeBeSafe, and something for the participants to take home and remember the project with. 

The eager guests skimmed through the articles, and were given personal introductions by Anita Fiorentino from the FCA, who gallantly had arranged this special event. The guests had all came here to learn the latest in nudging to battle dangerous traffic situations, and that was what they should get.

In a short afternoon, they were not only to grasp the main themes of MeBeSafe, they were also to be informed of the latest road safety research done in Italy. Fortunately for the Italians, there were several speakers both from MeBeSafe and local community that could do their presentations in Italian. 


Except the MeBeSafe light nudges, coaching and general nudging approach, they also gained insights into Italian research on driver behaviour, bio-feedback, car automation and ‘smart roads as well as sustainable mobility.

Time flew past quickly, and several interesting discussions between researchers and public enriched the evening. None of the guests seemed to regret getting out in the treacherous traffic situation this day; not to go to Sorrento and the MeBeSafe dissemination event.