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New methods for coaching

This document describes the research methodologies employed within Work Package 4. WP4 focuses on the development of driver coaching schemes, supporting coaching software/apps, and evaluations of such systems. WP4 consists of various tasks. Some of these are directly related to each other (e.g. concerning coaching of Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers), such that their research methodologies are closely aligned; whereas others can and will be executed more independently (e.g. concerning coaching private vehicle drivers on the use of ACC) and therefore have their own methodology. For all tasks, we distinguish between the methodology for development and the methodology for evaluation, each of which is described in some detail.

Each of the research methodologies has at this point been sufficiently defined and where necessary aligned, such that we can move forward with the development and small-scale evaluation of the coaching methods and apps within WP4, and subsequent larger-scale evaluation in the field test of WP5. A point of concern is that within WP4 we will not be able to do pilot testing with many drivers, meaning that we cannot come to statistically sound results to guide decisions about the final coaching schemes and apps in WP5; however, the pilots and simulations will give sufficient insights into whether the apps and coaching schemes are ready for use in WP5.

The full report can be found under results